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Products - Auto Detailing

Give vehicles that showroom-new look every time!

Try our tire dressing and access the full line of Simoniz cleaners, waxes, and polishes

Clean, protect and restore auto bodies, tires and interiors with the best detailing products on the market. Our water-based tire dressing delivers a durable, high-gloss finish. For all your other detailing needs we distribute Simoniz products, the professionals’ top choice.

And start saving on all your auto detailing products.

CleanEdge Tire Shine #C-0035

Apply this water-based, highly viscous glaze to tires along the rim and tread line for a mirror-bright finish.

Featured Simoniz Products   

We can access any product in the Simoniz line; these are the most popular:

Chrome Polish

  • Remove rust and dirt
  • Restore original high polish to chrome bumpers, trim moldings and mirrors

Correction Cream

  • Cleans and polishes in one easy step!
  • Removes swirl marks, paint problems, acid rain and light scratches
  • Increases gloss on base/clear coat finishes

Detailers Choice

  • Spray-on polish/lubricant
  • Creates bright, non-static finish
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for all automotive finishes

Instant Spray

  • Restores a “new” look instantly inside and out
  • Spray and let it sit on dashes, vinyl, rubber, tires and plastics

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

  • All-in-one product
  • Cleans, protects and restores leather to a supple feel and new smell

Nu Shine

  • Easy-to-use cleaner/polish
  • Excellent on dark automotive finishes
  • Use as an express wax or in full restoration projects
  • Get a high-gloss finish with exceptional durability
  • Apply by hand, orbital polisher or variable speed buffer 

Polish Compound

  • Medium-cut polish
  • Brings back brilliant luster without dust while buffing
  • Ideal for removing oxidation and scratches from base/clear coats

Synthetic Sealer

  • Unique, hybrid formula
  • Increases depth of gloss while accelerating paint luster
  • Provides extreme "wash resistance”

Spray on interior carpets and fabrics, or use in extractors for a fresh, clean scent.

  • Simply Fresh
  • Sitra-Burst
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