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Products - Car Wash Equipment/Chemicals

When it comes to installing, supplying and servicing your car washes, no one does more at a more competitive price than CleanEdge.

We install the finest quality Belanger equipment, including tunnels, brushless and in-bay automatics.

We custom manufacture all your cleaning products and keep your environmentally friendly, refillable containers fully stocked on a “just-in-time” basis. You never carry excess inventory or worry about disposal.

And we service equipment from any manufacturer and provide emergency coverage on weekends.

Make CleanEdge your one-stop shop for all your car wash equipment, custom chemicals and service needs.


We offer Belanger equipment, the industry standard for quality, reliability and durability. Choose from:

  • Belanger Sabre & Kondor Touchless Car Wash
  • Belanger Freestyler Soft Touch Car Wash
  • Pro100 Tunnel Wash
  • Freestyler in-bay Gentle Touch Automatic Soft-foam Washer

To protect your investment, we offer preventative maintenance and service contracts on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly schedule. Call us for details.

Service and Repair

With six vans on the road during the week and emergency service available on weekends, we keep your car washes running at full capacity.

Need additional peace of mind? Talk to us about a maintenance plan that ensures continuous, trouble-free operation. Choose monthly bi-monthly or quarterly service.

Custom Cleaners and Surface Protectants

Our proprietary, customized car wash chemicals include:

  • CleanShield, our vehicle surface protectant that repels water, dirt and increases vehicle gloss
  • Clean Concentrate, super-concentrated formulations of our most popular cleaners
  • Other clear coat conditioners and protectants
  • High pH pre soaks and cleaners to remove stubborn dirt, bugs and debris
  • Low pH pre soaks and cleaners to loosen soils in touchless systems
  • Triple poly foam soaps in different colors
  • High-foaming soaps
  • Non-acid and acid wheel cleaners
  • Drying agents

Products are available in 15, 30 and 55 gallon, transparent, refillable drums. Your representative makes sure that you stay supplied, so you’ll never bother with stocking inventory or container disposal again.

Talk to us today about our full-range of quality, affordable, customizable chemicals,
       As well as installation and service for your car washes.
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