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Your Single Source for the Best Equipment in the Industry

CleanEdge sells, installs and services only the best cleaning and sanitizing equipment for use with our line of products. Choose from Sani-Tech steam cleaners; Lafferty foamers and applicators; Foam-It portable and mounted units; Hydro dispensers and proportioners; and Knight pumps and chemical proportioning systems.

We supply food and beverage, asphalt/concrete, commercial agricultural, construction, institutional, transportation -- anywhere sanitizing, disinfecting, and heavy-duty cleaning are required.

We also custom blend products for any application and offer a line of bio-degradable, non-toxic green cleaners including Soyl-X and Citrus-7. See our product tabs to learn about our asphalt and concrete removers and softeners, cleaners and degreasers, soaps, lotions, DC-101 runway cleaner and more.

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Sani-Tech Steam Systems for Food and Beverage and Institutional Cleaning: (

  • Single-step, thermal systems clean and sanitize without chemicals

Lafferty Equipment for Asphalt, Concrete, and Other Heavy Industry: (

  • Asphalt spraying
  • Concrete truck cleaning
  • Doorway Sanitizing
  • Foaming and Sanitizing Sprayers
  • Proportioners

Foam-It Cleaners, Sprayers, Foggers and Fillers for Industrial, Food Production/Processing and Agriculture: (

  • Portable, pre-mix units
  • Wall-mounted pre-mix and concentrate units
  • Doorway, Fogging, Central units
  • Sprayers
  • Chemical management systems

Hydro Dilution Control and Foam Systems (

  • Accudose economically and automatically dispenses diluted solutions into other containers with the touch of a button.
  • Accudose Select provides the most economical dilution control with its pinpoint metering system. Fill any container with diluted solutions quickly and easily.
  • Foam Master creates thick, rich foam with excellent “throw” at an economical price.
  • Hydro Master drum or wall-mounted proportioners automatically mix and dispense cleaning and sanitizing concentrates into any container without tipping. Water power means you can place it anywhere within a hose’s reach of a water source – no electricity needed.
  • Hydro Chem provides the ideal mix of reliability, durability and value in wall-mounted spraying/foaming systems. Switch functions with one twist of the handle.
  • Hydro Minder keeps any reservoir filled with consistently mixed solution without pouring, stirring, waiting or downtime.

Knight Equipment for Food and Beverage: (

  • Edge
  • Edge Jr.
  • PMP
  • Pulsatron pump
  • Mobile and Wall foamers
  • Doorway sanitizers
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