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Products - Concrete

Clean concrete trucks, cabs, drums and chutes safely and easily for less! Our full range of  low-pH formulas effectively removes slurry, residue and splatter from equipment, tools and vehicles without causing corrosion or other acid-related damage. To use, just spray, let it eat away the mess, then brush and rinse. It’s aggressive and fast, yet safe for all of your equipment.

Free Equipment/No Recycling

We provide dilution and dispensing equipment at no charge, to save you even more, and our refillable containers eliminate disposal or recycling. Your dedicated sales rep guarantees you’ll always have product precisely when you need it.

Concrete Truck Cleaner

Our heaviest-duty cleaner is a low pH formula to remove thick build up quickly and easily. Available with and without a sheeting additive that prevents build up and wax that improves vehicle appearance.

Maintenance Concrete Truck Wash                 

Excellent all-purpose cleaner that softens and removes concrete from truck bodies and parts while protecting glass surfaces.

Cab Wash and Wax                                      

Washes away road grime, dust and film and light concrete residue, leaving truck cabs looking like new. 

Drums and Chutes                                      

Our 40%+ active blends tackle the concrete where it’s toughest to remove. We offer concentrations as high as 85% so you get a pristine clean every time.

Dust Control                                            

Better than water alone, our Dust Control helps settle concrete dust and keep it down. Mix it with water in your water truck and spray anywhere dust is a problem.

CleanEdge guarantees better quality and pricing, because we control the process from raw materials to delivery. We use only the finest materials and manufacture products by weight, so you get excellent value and consistency with every order.

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