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Products - Laundry/Skin Care

Pay less for professional-strength, environmentally safe laundry detergent

Get a sparkling, fresh clean every time for up to 30% less than you’re paying now. Our highly concentrated liquid detergent fights the toughest stains, even in the hardest water. Safe for any type of machine, our detergent is non-toxic and phosphate-free. We can custom scent to your specifications.

2689 Detergent

Our best-selling formulation comes factory-direct to you for substantial cost savings.

  • High-suds formula reduces mineral deposits for fewer machine repairs
  • Cleans and brightens all washable fabrics
  • Available with or without water softeners
  • Works in soft and hard water
  • Safe for front- and top-loading machines, septic and sewer systems
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Phosphate-free

Clean, sanitize and moisturize with cost-effective products and a full dispensing line

Our soap and moisturizing lotion ensure the highest standard of clean and skin protection. Ideal for food processing and production, the products are completely food-safe yet powerful enough to kill bacteria and sanitize. Use them with any of our smart, durable dispensers in the precise configuration you need. Our industrial, stainless dispensers are built to withstand the harshest environments, wet or dry!

E2 Liquid Hand Soap                                                         

Food industry employees wash their hands dozens of times a day. Formulated specifically to meet tough industry standards, liquid E2 hand soap saves you money by doing two jobs in one: it thoroughly sanitizes and protects skin with moisturizing emollients.

  • Ideal for any food handling or processing plant
  • Powerful 1.5% PCMX formulation
  • Rich lather sanitizes and washes away cleanly
  • 3,200 uses per gallon mean significant cost savings

SoftenSure Moisturizing Lotion                                   

Restore moisture to frequently washed hands with this emollient-rich, food-safe lotion.

  • Safe in any food handling or processing plant
  • Silicone- and lanolin-free
  • Protects and restores moisture from constant hand washing
  • Safe for hands, face and body


CleanEdge has access to a full range of versatile, state-of-the-art dispensers that offer configurations and features for every application. Durable and multi-use, they keep employees hands food-grade clean and sanitized for up to 100,000 applications per year! Choose from manual, touchless, wrist-activated and industrial stainless systems. We install, supply and keep them flowing.

VersaClenz Manual and Touchless Hand Hygiene System

  • Compatible with 17 products
  • Holds soap, foams, sprays, sanitizer gel or lotion
  • 1250 ml soft cartridges minimize waste
  • Touchless has infrared sensor, reduces cross-contamination
  • Up to 100,000 applications and 9-12 months of use
  • Includes four D-cell batteries
  • Easy-to-clean, splash resistant case
  • Durable for high-traffic areas
  • ADA compliant
  • Optional security key limits access
  • Wall mount or use adjustable floor stand

AutoMyst2 Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Touchless operation reduces cross-contamination
  • Uses dual infrared sensors
  • No-clog pump dispenses pre-set application of atomized hand sanitizer
  • Place on any flat surface, wall mount, or use adjustable floor stand
  • Includes re-usable atomizing pump kits and four D-cell batteries for long life
  • Optional catch tray available

Manual Wrist-activated Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Holds 1000 ml bottle of hand sanitizer spray for thousands of applications
  • Ensures full saturation of hands, nails and cuticles
  • Reusable pump kit reduces costs
  • Optional lock
  • Place on counter or wall mount

SaniShot® Manual and Touchless Dispensers
Choose the dispenser and product that best meets your needs, or mix and match for maximum versatility. Dispensers are designed to hold foaming or liquid soap or hand sanitizer.

Manual Foaming Soap Dispenser

  • Replaces clumsy bulk soap refill systems
  • Reduces cross-contamination
  • 1-liter bags deliver 2,500 applications
    • Disposable bag eliminates messy hand-washing stations

Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Saturates hands, nail and cuticles for thorough sanitation
  • Disposable bags deliver 1,000 pre-measured atomized applications

Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

  • Three dispensing options for product control
  • Up to 2,500 applications per 1-liter bag
  • Eliminates cross-contamination of bulk refill systems

Stainless Steel Industrial Manual Dispensers
These dispensers can take the punishment of constant use in the roughest industrial environments. Made in the USA, they are constructed of durable, quality stainless to deliver years of dependable operation. All are hands-free to reduce cross-contamination and for easy operation.

  • Multiple Configurations:
    • EZ Step portable with foot activation, the most popular model for food processing
    • EZ Step wall mount with foot activation
    • 1-2 Knockout wall mount with wrist operation
  • Work in wet or dry locations
  • Durable, dependable and functional in any industry
  • Hold 1-gallon containers of soap or sanitizer for thousands of applications
  • Reusable pump kit for either soap or sanitizer

Touchless Industrial Stainless Steel Dispensers
The Prizefighter and Champion Multi-Line touchless systems are the ultimate in industrial dispensers. Proudly crafted in the USA of heavy-duty stainless steel, they are watertight, hold different products, and feature state-of-the-art infrared sensors for fast, measured applications.

The Prizefighter

  • Watertight; works in wet or dry conditions
  • Dispenses soap or sanitizer
  • Infrared sensors detects hands instantly
  • 3,000 ml capacity reservoir delivers thousands of pre-measured applications
  • Polycarbonate sight panel to easily monitor liquid levels

The Champion Multi-Line

  • Designed for large work crews
  • Accommodates 1-5 dispensers off a single 2-gallon capacity reservoir
  • Watertight; works in wet or dry conditions
  • Dispenses soap or sanitizer
  • Infrared sensors detects hands instantly
  • Optional polycarbonate sight panel kits to easily monitor liquid levels

Accessories: Adjustable dispenser stand

  • For VersaClenz and AutoMyst
  • Constructed of durable ABS and steel
  • Portable
  • Room for signage/message about hand sanitation
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