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Products - Odor Control

Kill the toughest industrial odors on contact

Industrial waste stinks. Our powerful line up of odor-control products eliminates the most noxious smells from rendering plants, agricultural waste, landfills, sewage treatment facilities, transfer and pumping stations, biosolids, residuals reclamation and remediation, and more.

CleanEdge formulates and manufactures products for any odor control need. Count on our team to save you up to 30% on the best products and service available anywhere.


Odor Control Products

Neutralene®: For moderate to heavy trash, sludge and gas odors

  • Physically reacts and binds to make odors non-volatile
  • Reduces fugitive VOCs by scrubbing out trash odors
  • Mitigate sulfides, mercaptans, ammonia, amines and odorous acids
  • Effective in direct application, misting, vapor systems and nightly cover


Odor Cover: For mild to moderate odors

  • Readily soluble in water at all dilutions (recommended 500:1)
  • Designed for misting or vapor systems, can be applied directly
  • Available with NOXORB Gas & Odor Absorber
  • Contains NO Biocide
  • Biodegradable  and non-hazardous
  • Tested VOC-free
  • Uses naturally occurring fragrance


Essential: 100% active odor counteractant for moderate to heavy odors

  • Designed for hot or cold vapor systems
  • Great for high-dilution (5000:1) misting systems
  • Cold climate friendly
  • Contains NO Biocide
  • Biodegradable
  • Uses natural essence


OCLA™ (Odor Counteractant & Leachate Absorbent)

  • Granular product made from corn cobs
  • Ideal for transfer stations, well-digging for gas systems
  • More absorbent, lighter, lower-cost than clay
  • Contains NO unhealthy dust
  • Biodegradable and non-hazardous
  • Available in 51 gallon recyclable, corrugated containers


Bug Juice: Eliminates leachate and wheel wash odors

  • Non-ionic blend of surfactants and dispersing agents
  • Elevates biological activity by increasing bio-respiration rate and efficiency
  • Increases Specific Oxygen Uptake Rates; systems functions at lower DO levels
  • Improves reductions in BOD, COD and Ammonia Nitrogen
  • Does NOT contain bacteria, enzymes or fungus
  • Biodegradable and non-hazardous


Air Care Clean*: Cleaner/Degreaser eliminates trash and leachate odors

  • Formulated with Neutralene® odor counteractant
  • For use on heavy equipment, compactors, boxes, containers, floors, walls and more
  • Quaternary chemistry for bacteria, spores, mold and mildew
  • Chelating compounds for free rinsing
  • Works in pressure washers, foamers, scrubbers, wheel wash, and buckets
  • Contains NO phosphates, glycol ethers or oxidizers
  • Biodegradable

*Not intended for use on high-gloss surfaces, soft metals, glass or chrome

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