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Release or remove asphalt from trucks, tools and equipment with our fast, effective Asphalt Release and Asphalt Remover sprays.

Image by Alex Woods


CleanEdge guarantees better quality and pricing, because we control the process from raw materials to delivery. We use only the finest materials and manufacture products by weight, so you get excellent value and consistency with every order.
Savings, performance, custom-blended formulations for any job
Better chemistry and factory-direct pricing to help you save money! Get the releasing power you need for any job at the right price point. All formulations are safe and DOT-approved.


2216: Super Asphalt Release

● Good for SMA (Stone Matrix Asphalt) as well as polymer-modified asphalts
● Highest quality release
● Can be on an type of equipment including auto-sprayers and spray wands

2215: General Purpose Release Agent

● Works best on regular or gap grade asphalt
● Colored green for visual contact

2217: High Concentrated Release Agent

● Highly concentrated, bright green for visual contact (not just soap), helps for easy slide out
● Exceptional performance and extremely cost-effective
● Works on most types of asphalt


2218: Custom Formulation

● A unique blend for polymer-modified asphalts
● Talk to us about a custom blend for your job



Cuts the stickiest tars on equipment, tools and surfaces without odor, fumes, or environmental impact.

Drag Spray: For Conveyors and other asphalt-carrying surfaces

● De-sticks for longer operating time, unlike Diesel fuel and has no VOCs   
● Prolongs usage of slat conveyor for another approx. 350,000 tons of asphalt per year

CleanEDGE 7134: Our water-based, D-Limonene


● Removes glue and other sticky substances from tools and surfaces
● Pleasant orange scent

CleanEDGE 2222: Our soy-based, all natural alternative

to hazardous diesel and citrus oils

● Dissolves asphalt on contact
● Longer “sit time” with less evaporation for better penetration
● Coats surfaces to prevent build-up
● Regular use restores and protects asphalt equipment
● Safe on any surface
● Low-odor, non-flammable liquid

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