Your best weapon to help fight COVID-19



For Use As A CoVid-19 Environmental Reduction & Facility Perimeter Control Agent

HOCL (hypochlorous acid) is generated via the electrolysis of asalt water solution

HOCL is actually the active ingredient in bleach (sodium hypochlorite) solutions and is found in “equilibrium state” with the sodium salt and chlorite molecules. However, because HOCL is stabilized in its pure form in our Aquox 275product, it is a more powerful disinfectant than bleach.

HOCL is what our white blood cells actually produce in order to fight pathogens in the human body.  HOCL isPH neutral (7), safe, and completely environmentally friendly!

HOCL (hypochlorous acid) is generated via the electrolysis of asalt water solution

Unlike Bleach which is highly corrosive, Aquox 275 is simply electrolyzed water, making it completely safe for your employees, non-corrosive to all surfaces and equipment, PH 7(neutral), and a great fit for fogging/spraying applications for ANY AREA, anywhere, at any time.

Aquox 275 is a Ready-To-Use solution, requiring NO mixing or activating, and can be used with any application method (Fogging, electrostatic fogging, misting, spraying, etc.etc.)

Where To Use Aquox 275 to best reduce the
spread of theCovid-19(CoronaVirus-19)Virus?

• Workstations and desks
• Floors and walls
• High touch areas (control panels,
touch screens, vending machines,
water fountains, etc.)
• Countertops
• Doorknobs
• Bathrooms
• Eating areas and Kitchens
• Food Processing and Production
Areas and Production Equipment
(EPA registered as a no-rinse
sanitizer in USDA and FDA
regulated food production facilities).

• Automobiles, cars, trucks, cabs, vans
• Public transportation systems
(Buses, Trains, Airplanes, Cruise lines)
• Schools (bathrooms, locker rooms,
hallways, classrooms, desks, chairs,
toys, etc. etc.)
• Etc. Etc. Etc.   Be Creative! Aquox 275
can be used anywhere for effective
sanitation of surfaces, even on your


Chlorine Dioxide


Hydrogen Peroxide


Effective for a wide variety of
cleaning and disinfecting /
sanitizing applications

Direct dosing into water line
sand medicators

Residual in the drinking water to
continuously treat pathogens

Long Shelf life and Stability

Safe for crops, animals and

Economical to; produce, maintain
generating equipment, and
facility operations equipment

• Aquaox products are Electro-Chemically-Activated (ECA) solutions that contain Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and/or
Sodium hydroxide (NAOH)
• Aquaox cleaning and disinfecting solutions are NSF60 certified & EPA registered



•No safety mask, no gloves, no goggles required during application
•No work interruption, no clearing the building •Biodegradable, eco-friendly
•OSHA compliant, GRAS certified, EPA registered

•Stop chemically-induced office equipment discoloration and deterioration
•Save time, money and labor

•Eradicate antibiotic resistant strains including MRSA and VRE
•Kills bacteria, viruses, mold, algae and odors

•Increase facility safety
•Improve regional air quality and human health
•Reduce the risk of pathogens and infections

•Systematic, sustainable cleaning and disinfecting
•70 times more effective than bleach


• Ready-to-Use

• Select best fogger or spray bottle for
the application

• Simply spray and let air-dry!

• Fast acting

• Safe on all surfaces and skin



Prioritize High traffic areas and commonly touch surfaces reducing the
spread of COVID-19 in facilities, public transportation, automobile,
restaurants, Schools, homes, and much more!

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Ultra Handheld Sprayer Literature

Aquaox 275 Food Contact Killing Time

Aquaox 275 Agriculture Brochure

Aquaox 275 Boeing Test

Aquaox 275 Efficacy

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